Coming in November on Astral Spirits…

7b cover


June Holiday (2020)

June Holiday cover

Tag Book (2017)

Tag Book cover LG (1)

Threes (2017)


In the New Year (2015)

Front Cover.forweb

Two Kinds of Art Thieves (2009)

Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker – Cannots (2016)

Cannots cover

Charles Rumback & John Tate – Daylight Savings (2015)

Daylight Savings FINAL


Sky Song (2013)


The Fastest Way to Become the Ocean (2011)

A Square White Lie (2009)

Photographs (2008)

Lists (2007)

Constant Change (2006)


Cut (2016)


A Man Can’t Ride on One (2015)

STRRP live cover

Sewn (2013)stirrup_200

Dustin Laurenzi – Natural Language


Hanami – The Only Way to Float Free


Paul Bedal – Chatter


Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra – The Drummers

Lightbox Drummers

L’altra – Telepathic

John Hughes – Black Monk EP

Leaves – Leaves

Bill Mackay – Darts and Arrows

Nick Macri – Back of the Yards

The Horse’s Ha – Of the Cathmawr Yards

Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra – Live at the Hideout

Who Cares How Long You Sink – Folk Forms Evaporate Big Sky

Jason Ajemian – From Beyond

Jason Steele Ensemble – Some Wonderful Moment

Leaves – Live at the Ice Factory

Bill Mackay and Sounds of Now

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