June 23, 2017 – Charles Rumback with Jim Baker and John Tate – THREES – Record Release Show at Constellation – Chicago

In 2015, Charles Rumback created an album that made good on its title’s promise of new beginnings with his acclaimed quintet date In The New Year. The album was well received, earning him a spot on “best of” year-end polls and on the stage of the Von Freeman Pavilion at the 38th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival flanked by trumpet luminary Ron Miles and saxophone greats Tony Malaby and Greg Ward.

Now, with his resolutions kept and another Chicago winter in the rearview, Rumback finds himself removing layers, and musicians, to reveal the spartan, yet verdant nature of his working trio with his rhythmic foil John Tate on bass, and the elegant, inquisitive piano of Jim Baker. Captured live from a concert at one of Chicago’s most creative venues for new music, Constellation, Threes is a 21st century update on the classic piano trio.

Charles Rumback – drums
Jim Baker – piano
John Tate – bass

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